Take advantage of our extensive experience and professionalism at work.

In ARTICA we have specialized in the manufacture of products of the highest quality. Let yourself be convinced by a committed team and an exclusive offer. ARTICA bases its business competitiveness on a global concept of product, process and management quality.

The best professionals

At ARTICA TEXTILE S.L we have been selecting the best professionals and not only at the technical level, also at the human level. We have been looking for people who have always loved the "weaving" job, seeking excellence in detail and enjoying teamwork and sharing experiences.


Relation ” Price & Quality”

The best quality at the best price are two objectives that since our beginnings in 1983 have marked us. Quality understood as global excellence that imposes a process of continuous improvement in all our processes, products and services.  


Speed and diligence

Although it seems a contradiction in ARTICA Textile, speed and diligence go hand in hand. From the zero moment in which our design department receives a demand until the final moment in which our stores send the orders underlies a thread, the promptness, the care and in the end 'the love for the work well done'

Algunos de nuestros Productos

Nuestros productos ofrecen la máxima calidad con garantia de fabricación Made in Spain

Ultimas noticias ...

El dinamismo que nos caracteriza hace que en nuestro día a día siempre haya novedades. Nuevos diseños, nuevos procesos productivos, nuevas tecnologías....y como consecuencia...nuevos clientes, nuevos mercados, nuevas experiencias comerciales, nuevos valores.